Dumisha Sacco society ltd is a savings and credit corporation Located in Maralal Samburu County. We have two branches in Baragoi and Wamba. We strive to offer our members complementary savings and credit services and other financial services as may be required from time to time.

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There are numerous benefits of being a member at Dumisha Sacco Society. Below are some of the benefits of being a member of our sacco

  • Low Interest rates on loans
  • High interest rates on deposits
  • Investment opportunities
  • Fast financing
  • School fees financing


The product meets the school fees needs of members and their children

  • Repaid in one calendar year
  • Interest of 1% on reducing balance
  • Accessible to all members, but those who contribute to Kshs.300/= to the education scheme can access the loan for a period of up to 24 months.
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         FOSA LOAN

  • The loan target salaried members of the Sacco. The loan is designed to meet the needs of salaried members.
  • Advance loan-Rates of interest @10% – 3months
  • Golden Loan – Rates of interest @ 6% in 6 month
  • Instant loan – Rates of interest @ 8% in 4 month.
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Dumisha Sacco Society Ltd
P.O BOX 84 – 20600

Dumisha Sacco is one of the best Savings and investment institution I’ve ever joined and got value for my investment. They have the best services and are true to their word.

Letiwa Saruni J / Namnyak Soko

Dumisha Sacco has helped me scale up my small business to a business that can be trusted. They walked with me step by step until i could walk alone.  

Loibasina Frank / Maiyan Ent.

The Sacco Offers good and constant dividends to it’s members, something other Saccos don’t. 

Lematambash Andrea / TSC.